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Unlock the full potential of your data without ever compromising on privacy

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What we're building

Connect, compare and analyse datasets from anywhere without revealing raw information to anyone

Keep data in the right hands

Reveal insight, not private information. Embrace the cutting edge of encryption technology to accelerate business operations. Our platform ensures that data stays exactly where it is. No one can see or move row-level information.

Break silos, create connections

Learn from data streams both inside and outside your business. Our service simplifies data operations, while optimising for insight. With Shoji, you can know more, more quickly, without ever compromising on privacy.

Federation without friction

Shoji combines technologies such as federated learning, multi-party computation and others. With our platform, you can analyse, join and model data using your favourite tools. Meanwhile, under the hood, our technology handles the complexity of encryption, distributed computation and data compliance.

We're changing the data economy by putting privacy first

When privacy is guaranteed, all data can be used to its full potential.

We're motivated by what we enable for others. By unlocking access to data previously beyond reach, there’s no limit to the use-cases made possible. Whether it’s banks being able to improve access to credit, doctors being able to make better diagnosis predictions or governments being able to more effectively allocate resources, we passionately believe that by protecting privacy, we can power the innovations that are most important to society.

We believe in a connected future, where more insight means more rewards, not more risk.


We're only just getting started

Shoji was founded in 2021 by machine learning and statistics researchers at Imperial College London.

They had been shocked by inefficiencies surrounding the management of sensitive data inside major organisations, so they built a platform fit for the modern data economy.

Jack Hogan, CEO

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Unlock the full potential of your data

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