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Making private data useful and keeping useful data private.

Our mission and what we do

We’re building the data sharing infrastructure of tomorrow to help businesses safely unlock the value of their most sensitive digital assets. The Shoji platform lets multiple teams or organisations solve problems, generate insights and even perform machine learning on private datasets, without ever moving or exposing the raw data.

We’re motivated by what we enable for others. By unlocking access to data previously beyond reach, there’s no limit to the use-cases made possible. Whether it’s banks being able to improve access to credit, doctors being able to make better diagnosis predictions or governments being able to more effectively allocate resources, we passionately believe that by protecting privacy, we can power the innovations that are most important to society.

Who we are and our values

Founded in March 2021 by a team of statistical machine learning PhD students from Imperial College London, we’ve already secured over £1.5m of funding from Entrepreneur First and a leading VC.

We’re obsessed with technological progress, but only when it respects privacy. This dependency defines the way that we work. We value ambition, curiosity and proactivity, without compromising on transparency, integrity and humanity.


Jack Hogan profile pic

Jack Hogan

CEO and co-founder

  • Imperial College London
  • The Alan Turing Institute
  • Rolls Royce
Jordan Noble profile picture

Jordan Noble

CTO and co-founder

  • Imperial College London
  • Barclays
  • Microsoft