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With Shoji, you can...

Unify your data

Even inside organisations, simply accessing and benefitting from the information held in another department can be hard. Using our platform, bring all your data together and discover how much you could learn from what you already have.

Commercialise your data

License the analysis of your encrypted data, without moving it or giving it away. Maintain complete control over who can generate insights from your data and how.

Minimise your data

Be privacy conscious across your operations. Integrate Shoji into your product-suite and serve customers without storing or processing their personal data.

What's under the hood?

Federated learning

Send models to the data instead of data to the models. Using federated learning, Shoji lets you analyse multiple datasets at once as if they were in the same place.

Secure computation

Share the use of data, not the data itself. We use SMPC, a cryptographic technique that allows several parties to jointly compute results from their combined data without seeing or storing your data.

Differential privacy

Keep your customers protected every step of the way. Shoji uses a mathematical definition of privacy to guarantee that outputs never reveal any personal information.

How will it work with your current data flow?

Simple integrations

Shoji uses lightweight APIs to seamlessly wrap around your existing analysis tools (e.g. Python, SQL). Flexible data source integrations allow the virtual combination of data from multiple database and storage systems.


Shoji can easily be deployed in cloud, multi-cloud or on-premises environments. Our software orchestrates distributed computations, enforces permissions and provides audit logs, all without ever seeing the row-level information.

Automated compliance

Personal data is never exposed or transferred, ensuring compliance with GDPR and CCPA along with many other data protection regulations.


Unlock the full potential of your data

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